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We always want to keep our pets safe. Sometimes there are circumstances that we cannot control and our pets may go missing. Microchipping is an easy way to allow your pet to get back to you. In addition, travel to certain countries (such as those in the European Union), require that your pet be mircrochipped.


Microchipping involves injecting a small, electronic chip through a large needle under an animal’s skin. Typically, sedation is not necessary- it is similar to receiving a vaccine. When a scanner is passed over the area, it sends radio-waves that activate the chip and send an identification number to the scanner. This number is specific to each pet (it’s sort-of like a social security number for animals). At veterinary clinics and shelters, when stray animals enter the building, they are scanned to make sure they have no microchip present. When a microchip is present, the microchip registry is called so that information about the pet’s owner can be obtained quickly so that owner and pet can be reunited. To make this process go smoother, please make sure that you update your personal information with your microchip provider and when you microchipped pet has been lost, call this provider to report its loss.


At Lowell Road Veterinary Center, we use microchips by HomeAgain.







Please call to find out more information and schedule an appointment if you would like to microchip your pet today!

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